Blessed Gold Cross Necklace

  • $21.99 

Wearing Catholic jewelry, patron saint medals, crucifixes, and crosses is an outward sign of faith and hope.

A Catholic Cross or Crucifix necklace not only outwardly affirms the wearers faith, but projects its blessings inwardly, for the protection of the soul.

This particular cross has been blessed and created to provide you with strength in your faith through every stage in your life. It will be the perfect indication of your commitment to your faith. 

Humanity has not been saved, only those who are in Christ are saved. Wearing this cross on your neck shows your devotion and will give you certainty of your beliefs in God. 


  • Gold cross necklace
  • Unique, delicate design
  • Perfect for layering or wearing alone
  • Thoughtful gift for a special occasion

So delicate, so simple, so stunning. Most importantly, a daily reminder that you are loved by God. 

Makes a unique sacramental gift for girls, and a beautiful piece for women of all ages.

To wear a cross or crucifix necklace is an outward sign of faith and symbolizes our gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. 

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