Teeth Whitening Kit

  • $25.00 

AutoBrush offers the best of both worlds: impeccable dental hygiene and beautifully white teeth. Brighten your laugh with our Teeth Whitening Kit! Our kit comes equipped with not 1, but 4 whitening gel pens for your AutoBrush to experience both automatic cleaning AND whitening! 


About Our Whitening Gel Pens:

Our gel pens have been developed by a team of specialists to ensure no pain or sensitivity throughout nor after the whitening process, while delivering results that whiten teeth up to an average of 8 shades!



  • No dangerous chemicals. No sensitivity. Never tested on animals.
  • Average results w/in 3 daysand results a 99% guarantee by 21 days!
  • 5x faster than strips.
  • Enamel-safe, clinically tested formula for satisfying yet safe results.
  • No dentist appointment or prescription required.
  • Quick, Easy & User-Friendly.
  • 4 pens included!

 How To:

  1. Press power button on front face of AutoBrush capsule 4 times, until Bluelight activates.
  2. Inject whitening gel onto the brush head by pushing down plunger on pen, applying it on both sides from one end to the other.
  3. Insert brush head in mouth and bite down so silicone bristles wrap around all teeth, top and bottom, inside and out.
  4. Relax or do other things for at least 10-30 minutes while teeth whitening process takes place. Spit and rinse once down. Press power button again to turn off Bluelight for next session.
  5. Results typically seen within 3 days but recommended to repeat daily for 21 days for optimal results!

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